Reasons and advantages of tea selection tinplate packaging

Reasons and advantages of tea selection tinplate packaging

2019-04-13 16:12:17


Tea, as a culture that has been passed down from ancient times in China, is also famous in the world. Drinking tea is not only a hospitality, but also a self-cultivation, so many families will buy some good tea at home. This involves a problem with the preservation of tea!
We must know that the current tea packaging market is very diverse, including paper bags, plastics and tin cans, but we usually use iron cans for storage. This is mainly because of the tightness of the iron cans and other Superior performance!
When tea is stored in daily life, it needs to be sealed and preserved. Everyone knows that if it is exposed for a long time, it will easily affect the quality of the tea, so it will taste bad when it is tasted, so choose tin can packaging. It is also worthy of its sealing, of course, in addition to the sealing, the packaging of the appearance is also an important factor we can not ignore.



If the color is properly matched, it will give consumers a more pleasing feeling, and the color itself has important meaning attributes, so it must be cautious in the use of color, such as green tea. It is rarely used too thick tones, and the outer packaging of the cans can be customized according to the needs of the enterprise to meet the individual needs of the enterprise!
Tea cans have also been widely used by many people in recent years, which is also an endorsement of this product, so its advantages and functionality are also very important, and the cans production plant is popular for everyone!
1. We must affirm the packaging hue, hiding power and luster of tea cans. The smooth surface and the fascinating appearance make many people favor it, and many companies can also rely on themselves. The actual needs of the customization, whether it is square, circular irregularities can be customized, and the hiding power is also quite good;
2, for some Pu'er tea, there is no inner film bag for packaging, so we must also solve the primary problem in moisture and odor prevention, and in the metal packaging, the iron can achieve such a function, Of course, when we choose, we also try to choose the bottom or the iron can with the inner plug cover structure, so as to effectively ensure the tightness of the iron can;
3, everyone knows that if the tea is damp, it will undergo a qualitative change, so that the aroma of the tea itself is easy to volatilize, and there are many requirements for the environmental factors such as moisture, temperature and humidity, light and oxygen, so it is used for storage. The containers are more elegant, and the role of iron cans in this is quite appropriate.

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